(Mostly) True Erotic Stories & Sexy Shenanigans

She Dances in a Ring of Fire


One of the sexiest experiences I have ever had was with this girl who was a friend to my wife and I. Jen was going through some tough times after breaking up with her fiancé so we invited her to move in with us until things settled down for her. We had an extra bedroom so...

Her First Time With Another Man


When Sam met them at the bar there was a great connection and easy conversation with both of them, Marie and her husband, Lee. First there was the typical small talk and, with the help of a few drinks, that turned into very open conversation and flirting very quickly...

Sex, Sales and Seduction


As Alicia approached the huge red door to the suite, the only words she could manage were, “I’ve never done anything like this before.” That may or may not have been true. Because she really didn’t know what “like this” really meant. She had only heard rumors. Hushed... (Mostly) True Erotic Stories & Sexy Shenanigans