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Her First Time With Another Man


When Sam met them at the bar there was a great connection and easy conversation with both of them, Marie and her husband, Lee. First there was the typical small talk and, with the help of a few drinks, that turned into very open conversation and flirting very quickly.

“This whole experience is new to me”, Marie said with a bit of a nervous smile.

Not sex obviously, Marie was 41 and very experienced at sex, but had only been in monogamous relationships her entire adult life, including with her husband for the past 10 years. Plus, Marie had never been with more than one person at a time, or in a threesome or with another couple and had never even considered being with another man besides her husband until recently when she revealed a few of her own fantasies.

Lee had enjoyed a variety of scenarios before they married and had shared many stories with her, eventually she became fascinated with the idea of trying some of them with him.

She felt nervous. And excited. And a dozen other emotions that were mixing together.

She also felt safe. Especially since she knew her husband would be there with her and filming every minute for them to enjoy later, if everything went well and it got to that point.

Marie mentioned her husband’s cock fits perfectly inside her, like absolutely dimensionally perfect and hit all the right spots, but sometimes her passion wants a little more.

She didn’t want a “monster cock” but a little thicker and a little longer occasionally might be nice.

Marie sharing this fantasy excited Sam and he felt his cock start to swell.

Marie was a beautiful vision. Smart, sexy and full of life and vigor and the thought of being her “first” was very enticing to Sam. He wanted this to be a wonderful evening for her, and for all of them.

Marie noticed the impression of Sam’s aroused cock through his tight jeans and asked if something had him excited. They all laughed together and things quickly moved to the next level. Feeling ready, she nervously invited Sam back to their hotel room to continue the conversation and to “see where the evening might lead”, fully anticipating that it would lead to her feeling Sam inside her.

Within a few minutes they were all upstairs, the 3 of them kissing and touching and removing clothing, with all the attention focused on Marie. She led Sam naked to the bed and asked him to lay down on his back, his rock hard cock an inviting beacon anticipating what would happen next…

Since everyone was naked, Sam realized his cock was almost two inches longer than Marie’s husband. And slightly thicker.

Earlier in the week they had shared some pictures prior to meeting. One look at Sam’s naked picture had given Marie that girlish kind of tickle she had felt the first time she saw her first big, beautiful cock in person.

Whether it was OK or not, the thought of his cock inside her made her wet enough to agree to meeting him to see if they had a connection and, if they did, what might happen.

Was this really happening? Was this OK?

She moved between Sam’s legs and grabbed his shaft, then she leaned down and caressed the tip with her tongue, encircling and teasing his head before fully wrapping her lips around it while flicking her tongue teasingly underneath.

This move drove Lee wild and she hoped it would do the same for Sam.

His cock was slightly thicker than her husband, but not too thick for her mouth. Besides, the anticipation to feel it inside her made her hungry for more and she began to slide it deeper into her mouth, gently bobbing her head up and down as she found her rhythm with Sam’s approving moans.

Lee was capturing every second on video.

He knew how good that felt.
He loved Marie’s blowjobs.

She had told him years before that she learned how to give blowjobs from a gay man’s blog post.

Thank God for that blog post!

Marie’s mouth and tongue expertly caressed Sam’s cock while she stroked his shaft with her right hand. Then she added her left. It was big enough for both hands and she made full use of them to show Sam how much she wanted to feel the entire length of his 8 inches inside her.

She took him deep into her mouth again, removing him to lick the entire the length of his full shaft, bottom to top, circling her tongue around his head, then all the way back down again.

Up, circle the head, then back down. Graze the tongue against the balls while stroking the shaft, then back up again, circle the head with her tongue and take it into her mouth and repeat. Her eyes met Sam’s and she was hoping they conveyed how much she wanted him.

“Mmm, this is going to feel so good inside me”, she said into the camera as she continued licking.

When she tasted Sam’s pre-cum, Marie took him out of her mouth and squeezed him a little, showing the clear liquid to the camera as it collected and slowly rolled down his shaft. Marie started at the bottom, slowly and purposely licking up all the juice and smiled at her husband, who had captured every second.

As she raised up, still stroking him, Marie made eye contact with Sam again and reminded him that it’s her first time doing something like this and she is in total control.

Sam didn’t mind. He was thinking this was probably one of the best blowjobs he ever had and he eagerly anticipated what it would be like for Marie to show what else she could do.

She held his eyes as she reached down and touched her clit, rubbing it for him, squeezing it between her fingers, parting her lips, and placing her index and middle finger inside her for a brief moment as she continued to stroke his cock.

Her clit was fully engorged and when she moved her fingers away she wanted Sam to see she was dripping wet like a teenager on prom night as she anticipated him inside her.

“So, I’m in control.”

Sam replied, “of course, you’re 100% in control” and nodded approvingly as Marie straddled him. He felt the head of his cock slide easily inside her wetness, and he grew even harder feeling her warmth embrace him as she gently guided the full length of him inside.

Well, almost.

As she began to ride him, Sam felt his cock bottoming out with only a little more than 6 inches inside and couldn’t help but think to himself, “She still has almost two more inches to enjoy…”

He wondered if it would all fit.

Sam knew from the earlier conversation that she loves to feel the whole shaft when she’s having sex, and that’s what she loves about her husband’s cock. It fit perfectly and when they have sex he stimulates all 3 critical “points of pleasure” – her clitoris, g-spot AND her cervix – to encourage the strongest and longest lasting orgasms she has ever experienced.

That’s the kind of experience she was looking to have tonight. With Sam. She knew his 8-inch cock could easily hit at least two of the points but she was determined to hit all three.

Marie continued to moan in a mix of pleasure and slight frustration as she rocked back and forth on Sam’s throbbing shaft, trying to make it fit, and smiling and teasing him that, “don’t worry, I’m going to make it fit it just might take a few minutes of coaxing”.

She felt amazing as she wriggled, determined to get it all inside.

For a moment, Sam’s body tensed as he felt the need to help, but Marie put her hands on his hips, reinforcing that she’s in charge of how deep he goes and how quickly it happens.

Sam quickly reminded himself…

This is about her pleasure, not pain.
You have nothing to prove to anyone.
Be patient and enjoy the moment.

“Just relax and let me enjoy how this feels”, she leaned over and whispered into his ear.

Sam nodded in agreement and, as she continued to adjust herself to his length, he felt her thrust her hips a little faster now and with more intention as she urged the head of his cock against her cervix and groaned at how amazing it felt that deep inside her.

Her blue eyes begin to sparkle as he noticed them roll into the back of her head with each pleasurable stroke. “FUCK that feels good”.

She teased him deeper inside, feeling the pleasure of another inch of him conquered.

She was completely absorbed in the length of his stroke and the thickness of his cock igniting every fiber inside her, stimulating her from top to bottom.

Her breathing was faster now as she moaned with pleasure.

She was getting so close but not ready for it to be over yet.

Slow down. Back off a little. Breathe. Let it build.

Her grip was already urging Sam to cum, but he held back, letting her stay in control as she went deeper with every stroke and, with every movement, it was clear how much she was loving every long, thick, meaty inch.

Lee was getting their favorite shot now, the video capturing every stroke from behind as the thickness of his cock parted her lips and glistened with her juices.

It was a thing of beauty and Lee and Marie would make love to this scene many times in the future.

Everyone was lost in the rhythm of the moment until Marie let out a “YES!”, breaking the hypnotic effect of the long, slow strokes.

She had all of Sam inside her now, all 8 inches, balls deep, just like she wanted. The sensation of filling every inch of herself along with Sam’s balls rubbing against her ass was almost more than she could bear.

Sam was amazed as he felt the pressure of her pelvic bone against his as she took his whole shaft deep into the warmth of her loving embrace, pressing him firmly against her cervix to feel the deep orgasm-producing pleasure of all 3 spots being stimulated in perfect unison.

Clitoris. Check.
G-spot. Yes.
Cervix. Fuck yes.

Marie was so wet Sam could feel it on the sheet beneath him.

He felt her tighten around his cock in eager anticipation. She was so tight!

Her breathing became shallow as her orgasm built. Faster now. Deeper. There’s no stopping it now. Her hips began to move faster, then suddenly she let out a moan as he felt Marie lose control of herself, her muscles throbbing against him, squeezing him tightly as her body danced uncontrollably in the rhythmic release of wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Sam could see her abs still contracting with sheer, raw pleasure and, unable to hold back any longer, he released himself deep inside her, sending even more waves of pleasure throughout her body as she felt his huge load squirt against the back of her vagina.

“That was perfect”, she said as she removed his cock and motioned her husband to “bring his cock over here and join her on the bed”.

She wanted him to feel her cumming and to feel him cum inside her, too.

Sam watched and enjoyed Marie and her husband fucking, tugging playfully on his own erection while watching them both enjoy the sheer pleasure of each other until the two of them came together and they both collapsed blissfully breathless beside him.

“Wow”, she said. “That was yummy.”

Then Marie smiled and looked at Sam, noticing his ready manhood.

“Ready to go again?” she asked as she leaned over and took Sam’s waiting cock into her mouth.

It didn’t take her long to get over being nervous. (Mostly) True Erotic Stories & Sexy Shenanigans