(Mostly) True Erotic Stories & Sexy Shenanigans

She Dances in a Ring of Fire


One of the sexiest experiences I have ever had was with this girl who was a friend to my wife and I.

Jen was going through some tough times after breaking up with her fiancé so we invited her to move in with us until things settled down for her. We had an extra bedroom so it would be no problem.

It is important to note Jen and I had been friends for months before my wife met her.

It was all very innocent, at first. We truly enjoyed each other’s company. Eventually we got lost in a moment and had sex for the first time and it became a regular thing for us.

After she moved in, Jen and I were still occasionally intimate. We tried to resist each other – not very hard, mind you – but we did try. My wife knew about our encounters and told me, “it’s OK as long as you keep it to yourselves” she didn’t need to know about them; however, oddly, she also often asked Jen to sleep in bed with us but the rule was we would all be in our underwear.

Never naked. (Maybe she was just torturing me a little.)

When Jen joined us in our bed that night it felt like a normal night.

Wife was on my left side.
She was on my right.

Jen loved cuddling so my right arm usually found itself under her neck, with my hand resting on or underneath her breast.

I naturally sleep on my right side so me being turned toward Jen (and not my wife) wasn’t by design or choice, it’s just how I slept, even when Jen wasn’t in bed with us.

Anyway, one night we were all in bed, my wife behind me and Jen in front of me.

Like 3 little spoons.

Jen would sometimes tease me by sticking out and rubbing her delicious ass against my cock, driving me insane with desire. But that was as far as it normally went until we could be alone. “Just cock-teasing”, she would tell me.

One night she got much bolder.

I was already half asleep when I felt her press her ass against my cock.

I reached down and placed my hand on her hip.

No panties.

“OK, you have my attention”, I thought silently.

As my erection grew against her naked behind, she reached down and pulled my cock from my underwear and placed me against her wetness.

I could feel her heat as she rubbed my tip against her lips.

Was Jen really doing this?

My wife was right behind me. It sounded like she was sleeping but she could wake up at any moment, especially if Jen and I started fucking.

But I was young and, even though this felt reckless, there was something about Jen that made it very hard for me to say no to her. Especially when it involved us having sex.

The head of my cock slipped inside.

Just the tip.

Jen started moving her hips back and forth, urging me inside.

I couldn’t resist.

Deeper now, as I stretched out my body and gently pressed myself fully into her.

She let out a moan as she felt me touch the back of her vagina.

I moved to put my hand over her mouth in an effort to encourage her to be quieter. Not surprisingly, that only aroused her more and she moved my hand down to her neck and encouraged me to gently squeeze.

My left hand was on her hips, feeling her rhythm.

My right hand gently squeezed her neck as I felt her breathing and movement quickly intensify.

She was bouncing her ass against me now, both of us still on our side, and we were fully lost in the pleasures of our forbidden experience together.

Moments later she erupted in orgasm and I quickly followed, cumming inside her.

To this day I have no idea if my wife woke up or if she slept through the whole thing, but almost 20 years later I still remember this as one of my hottest times in bed with anyone. (Mostly) True Erotic Stories & Sexy Shenanigans